xidey.wordpress.com Has Moved To thepursuitofalife.com

Today I moved by personal blog from the former url https://xidey.wordpress.com to http://thepursuitofalife.com. I wanted more power and control over my WordPress installation, so decided to take the plunge.

I’ve definitely got mixed feelings about the move, because my old domain carried a PageRank of 5, and as I understand it, wordpress.com doesn’t offer the option of using permanent 301 redirects, which would tell Google that the links should transfer over and keep my PageRank intact. Oh well.

I’ll be adding plugins of all sorts over the next week or two, including a long-overdue one from @npost that I think I promised back in the summer.

If you’re a subscriber, please consider re-subscribing to thepursuitofalife.com, and if you’re not, please consider adding me to your feed reader!


Two Great Pictures

Here’s what Twitter brought to me today.  First, from @_Dianne, this picture of lightning over Brisbane, courtesy of news.com.au:

Lightning over Brisbane

Lightning over Brisbane

Next, from @moniguzman, this picture of the 520 floating bridge in Seattle “floating” in fog, via Twinkle Shots:

520 bridge floating in fog

520 bridge floating in fog

Thanks tweeples!

Missing Categories In Mashable! Open Web Awards

Check out the list of categories for the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, presented by Mashable!  You see tons of items related to social media, social networking, etc., but some categories are missing – where is personal productivity?  Tools, like online source control, project management, and analytics?

It smells as if the people who put together the list were somewhat technical, but not *very* technical – and the output reflected that result.

UGC is important, and it’s important to solicit user content earlier and earlier in the process.  Back in the day, you’d have Letters To The Editor.  Now users can actually suggest, and contribute funds to, stories that they want to see investigated.  It would have been nice if Mashable! ran the list of suggested categories past the user base first, or had a specific mechanism to suggest additional categories.

Silvertlight Spelling Error

Yes, you read that right. After the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 upgrade, here’s what my Help|About dialog looks like:

Spelling error in the VS 2008 SP1 Help|About dialog

Spelling error in the VS 2008 SP1 Help|About dialog

Look in the “Product Details” section at the bottom.

How To Back Up A MySQL Database From a Command Prompt

I just upgraded my WordPress installation to 2.6.3 and have some tips for you future Googlers.

To back up your database from the command prompt, type:

mysqldump –user=username –password=password databasename > filename


mysqldump –user=foo –password=123456 foodb > foodb.bak

How To Get The Current User in MySQL

To determine who you are currently logged in as in a MySQL command prompt, type the following:

mysql> select user()


mysql> select current_user()

How To Get The Current Database Name In MySQL

I just upgraded my WordPress installation to 2.6.3 and have a few tips to blog about for all of you Google searchers.

To find the current database in a MySQL prompt, type the following:

mysql> select database();

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