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Two Great Pictures

Here’s what Twitter brought to me today.  First, from @_Dianne, this picture of lightning over Brisbane, courtesy of

Lightning over Brisbane

Lightning over Brisbane

Next, from @moniguzman, this picture of the 520 floating bridge in Seattle “floating” in fog, via Twinkle Shots:

520 bridge floating in fog

520 bridge floating in fog

Thanks tweeples!


Great New “Shift Happens” Video

This is another remake of Karl Fisch’s famous Shift Happens presentation. It’s an animated version with some great background music that I can *almost* identify…if you’re into thought-provoking, inspirational presentations, then give this a try.

Pay Attention To This Phrase

Anytime you see someone tweet “I am so inspired by […]” you should pay attention.  Closely.  Click the link.  You won’t be disappointed!

Tonight’s treasure: Where the Hell is Matt?

Thanks Calvin. I owe you one!

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