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Sprout Builder is Awesome

You really should check out Sprout Builder at It allows you to build widgets for a variety of platforms (including plain-old web pages) using Adobe’s Flex platform.

Check out this one I threw together for Startup Weekend Portland in about five minutes: (requires Facebook account):

Some more data integration (such as the ability to call web services, based on user input or a timer) would make this product unstoppable.

(h/t Krishnan, via Marina Martin)

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Startup Weekend Portland Announced

May 23-25, 2008.  I’m leaning heavily toward attending.

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Google fires a shot across Facebook’s bow

Not that I would ever think that this line of thought would be spoon-fed to an analyst in order to throw some cold water on a competitor’s rising fortunes:

Eric Savitz of Barron’s Tech Trader Daily blog notes that the company’s CFO said Google’s “social networking inventory is not monetizing as well as expected.”

(h/t Mathew Ingram)

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Borders Outside of the HTML Element Width

Web development would be so much easier if, when you apply a CSS border to an element, it went INSIDE of the declared width of the element, and not wrap around the outside. Or, alternatively, if it didn’t apply that border as a layout-affecting element, pushing other elements left or right.

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Excellent Futuristic Font

Airstrip Four, by Xaviera Comics.  Available at

Twitter Down Again: 8:09 AM PDT

Hm.  I wonder if the outage has anything to do with the OMG-the-world-is-ending outage in the Middle East and South Asia.

Torturing Downed Cows for a Few Dollars More Profit

Yes, Seth Godin, corporations are harmless tribal shepherds, looking out for their flock of consumers. Fucking hell.

The culprits behind the latest torture and abuse are Westland Meat and Hallmark Meat Packing Company. Their CEO, Steve “Mendacity” Mendell, is trying to pull an Abu Ghraib and blame it all on two lowest-rung employees.  He does the usual “I’m saddened and sickened…” bullshit. Give me a break. As if the torture and abuse of animals isn’t institutionalized in modern factory farming.

Worst of all, from a public-policy perspective, is that this type of downer is EXACTLY the type of animal we’re trying to keep out of the food supply so as to prevent Mad Cow disease.  Except did you really think that factory farms would try their best to keep downers out of the food supply? You’re an idiot.

Steve Mendell: Today’s Worst Person In the World!

(h/t/ Keith Olbermann).

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