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Missing Categories In Mashable! Open Web Awards

Check out the list of categories for the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, presented by Mashable!  You see tons of items related to social media, social networking, etc., but some categories are missing – where is personal productivity?  Tools, like online source control, project management, and analytics?

It smells as if the people who put together the list were somewhat technical, but not *very* technical – and the output reflected that result.

UGC is important, and it’s important to solicit user content earlier and earlier in the process.  Back in the day, you’d have Letters To The Editor.  Now users can actually suggest, and contribute funds to, stories that they want to see investigated.  It would have been nice if Mashable! ran the list of suggested categories past the user base first, or had a specific mechanism to suggest additional categories.


“Rizzn” Eats My Lunch!

I am so busting up laughing. Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins (for some reason I love the gamer-dude middle name, with quotes and everything) has posted a smug response to my recent blog post I Remember Why I Don’t Like Mashable That Much.  I’m off my rocker!  I’m Leftarded!

First of all, I love the picture of you hanging out with a good-looking African American friend, apropos of nothing.   Mark, did you think I meant “racist” when I wrote “fascist”? Because I sure don’t think you are racist. But your subsequent struggle, real or feigned, to understand the term “proto-fascist” that I applied to you leads me to believe that maybe you didn’t quite get the gist of what I was writing.

First of all, FASCIST: (n). I don’t know, somebody who likes authority, likes to tell others what to do, likes to be part of the herd, feels profoundly uncomfortable with progressive impulses, worried about appearing weak, concerned about purity in both the abstract and actual, yadda yadda yadda.

Next, PROTO-: on the way to becoming; early-stage; preliminary; yadda yadda yadda.

Can you really not put those two together and grasp the meaning? If you’re not yet a full-throated, gesticulating Mussollini, you’re trending that way.  There’s nothing Orwellian about the phrase – it’s meaning is exactly what you would deduce if you knew what the terms actually meant in common usage.

My evidence to support said conclusion? This is a blog, not the Washington Post.  Based on your blog posts and comments on Mashable and elsewhere, I’ve drawn my own conclusions.  Let others decide what they will. 🙂

Mark, the fact that you put up a response on your personal blog leads me to believe (a) I hit close to home and (b) thou doth protest too much, methinks.

Useless Distinctions: Twitter as Microblogging

Steven Hodson has a post up on Mashable! where he whines that “Twitter is not microblogging”. Before I get into my own thoughts on the topic, I have an initial question:

Who the Hell Cares?

Steven’s apparently pissed that hardworking OBs (Original Bloggers) aren’t getting the respect that they used to, what with the upstarts like Twitter and Tumblr and Plurk infringing on the blogging turf.

I just have one thing to say: for shit’s sake. Get off your high horse already.

Now, as to the question of where Twitter fits in the new evolution of blogging: Twitter and its lifestreaming brethren are definitely blogging tools, if you are smart enough to see blogging in context, and not just as a collection of tools and techniques.  What are the key features of blogging in the historical sense?  Let me take a stab:

  • Public
  • Personal
  • Direct
  • Timely
  • Subjective
  • Worldwide

You tell me how Twitter doesn’t meet those criteria.

Somebody commented on Hodson’s article that his post must have been linkbait.  I doubt it – I just think he’s stuck in a mental trap and can’t – for the moment anyway – dig himself out of his current worldview.  The fact that he came in behind several dozen commenters and tried to turn this into a juvenile “Yay if you’re with me, Boo if you’re against me” doesn’t speak well for his near-term enlightenment.

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