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Missing Categories In Mashable! Open Web Awards

Check out the list of categories for the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, presented by Mashable!  You see tons of items related to social media, social networking, etc., but some categories are missing – where is personal productivity?  Tools, like online source control, project management, and analytics?

It smells as if the people who put together the list were somewhat technical, but not *very* technical – and the output reflected that result.

UGC is important, and it’s important to solicit user content earlier and earlier in the process.  Back in the day, you’d have Letters To The Editor.  Now users can actually suggest, and contribute funds to, stories that they want to see investigated.  It would have been nice if Mashable! ran the list of suggested categories past the user base first, or had a specific mechanism to suggest additional categories.


Flock wins Open Web Award

I have to admit I’m getting all these Web 2.0 awards mixed up with each other, what with the ease with which anyone can throw up a “community awards” page. There are the Crunchies, the Web 2.0 Awards, the Webware 100, hmm …. maybe that’s it. OK, not so bad after all!

Regardless, I was happy to see Flock win the “Judges Choice – Applications and Widgets” category at the Open Web Awards, sponsored by Mashable. I like Flock a lot, despite some of the flaws I’ve mentioned here.

Nice job!

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