Registry and Screen Capture utilities for my AT&T Tilt

Still messing around with my new AT&T tilt. The Pocket Screen Capture utility from that came with the cooked ROM from Dutty has been giving me grief because there’s no apparent way to change the default capture storage location. It defaults to \temp\ which, oddly, comes up as a “protected operating system folder” and (possibly for that reason) I can’t sync it or create a shortcut to sync it to my main computer.

An e-mail to bounced after a few days (*cough* abandonware), so I thought that I might try editing the registry manually on the theory that the path might be set as a registry key.  But how to edit the registry on Windows Mobile 6?  I first looked at the xda-developers forum, where someone mentioned that they use the PHM Registry Editor. It’s over 5 years old, which was a big red flag, but I tried to install it anyway — with no luck. The local computer install worked, but it wouldn’t complete the process to install the application on my phone.

I then went with SK Tools from SKKV software, which got a lot of glowing reviews. It cost me $14.95 at Handango but it’s a pretty neat set of applications. However, I found that there were no registry keys associated with Pocket Screen Capture. I can’t say I was surprised.

Finally, I gave up and spent $5.95 for SmartSS+ by Lou Terrailloune, which seemed very configurable. WARNING: This app is not totally compatible with my AT&T Tilt. Handango tells you that when you order. It may be a problem with Windows Mobile 6 generally. The specific problem is that the Options screen doesn’t scroll, and there are a few options that you can’t “see”, including the all-important registration code that removes the watermark from your screenshots. However, I was able to braille my way around and get the registration key entered, and the app seems to work fine. I can now get my screenies synced to my computer automagically, which saves time for blog posts. Another big plus: SmartSS+ will automatically save to PNG format.

Here’s a screenshot of SmartSS+:

SmartSS+, by Lou Terrailloune


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