AT&T Tilt ordered, with a suspicious rebate

Just ordered the new AT&T tilt.  I’d been thinking about upgrading my Cingular 8125 for a while now, and this seems like a great next step.

AT&T Tilt

They had a $300 online “discount” applied at so the net price to me was $249.00 USD.  This was of course for the two-year committment.  Then they throw in a $100 rebate! Hard to beat $149.00 for a smartphone of this caliber. I’m already salivating at the prospect of tethering to my laptop for speedy 3G data connections.

More on the rebate: this is no ordinary rebate. Here’s a partial screenie of the rebate form:

AT&T Rebate Form

The discerning reader will note that you don’t actually get a check, but rather an “AT&T Promotion Card” for $100.00. I wonder what sorts of restrictions it will have on the types of purchases I can make. For my part, I’m hoping I can at least use it to buy gas, as one fillup in my ’01 Land Rover eats up about $70 at today’s prices. Yeouch!

Further, it may take up to eight weeks to get the promotion card in the mail.

In a day and age when we have instantaneous funds transfer for just about everything, a rebate seems anachronistic to the extreme.  Plus, with Consumer Reports warning everyone that gift cards are nothing but a windfall for the issuers, it seems like your smart multinational would abandon rebates altogether, cut the price down to the rebate price, and sit back and bask in the inevitable outpouring of goodwill.


4 Responses to “AT&T Tilt ordered, with a suspicious rebate”

  1. 1 jonky2000 December 2, 2007 at 4:22 pm

    I bought my Tilt at the ATT store in seattle and the nice girl filled out the rebate form for me… 3 weeks later they mailed me and said I wasn’t eligable… I called and the rep said oh.. I guess your model is eligable. We’ll send that out in 5 to 10 weeks.

    PS thanks for the easy to follow instructions on your flash upgrading experience, I’ve been spinning my head at the xda forums for a week trying to get up the nerve to flash.

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