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VS 2005 Debugging Broken on Vista

I’ve been trying to work around this problem for the last few months but the frustration has reached a boiling point.

VS 2005 is a great product — easily the best IDE of the Visual Studio line. Easy to use, customizable, well-integrated with the various tools I use, etc. However, since I’ve installed Vista Business, debugging directly out of VS 2005 has been a nightmare.

First I ran into the “Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled” error. Even when enabling Windows Authentication, I ran into the problem. So moving everything back to the Classic Pipeline worked, but I hated it — why have the new Integrated Pipeline available if you can’t use it?

Then, Microsoft released the hotfix KB 937523. Great? Not really. Now after F5 I get the error “IIS does not list an application that matches the launched URL“. I can debug to a root page, but not a subdirectory page. Irritating.

Another link to the forums about this new issue.


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