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Problems with Someday/Maybe Lists in GTD – And How To Fix Them

Andre has a compelling post up about Someday/Maybe lists and in my opinion gets at the heart of a lot of the unconscious resistance to creating, reviewing, or updating the S/M during your weekly review.

My own bugaboo?  My list fills up with unresearched projects (#7).  Yes, I tend to use S/M as a place to put items I don’t want to make a decision about.  More accurately, I use it as a place to put things I don’t even want to think about in the first place.

What’s your experience with Someday/Maybe?  Could you implement any of Andre’s fixes?


The Price of GTD Mastery Has Gone Up

I’ve gone to two of David Allen’s GTD Roadmap seminars in Seattle – once in 2006 and again last year. The first time I paid around $550 or so; the second time, since I was an alumnus, I got a 50% discount and only paid $275.

David’s returning to Seattle next week, but the price has gone up considerably:

We are offering an exclusive discount to our friends in Seattle, a 25% savings from the usual registration cost (regularly $995).

I’m not surprised the price has gone up, and as they used to say, the Roadmap is a bargain at twice the price. If you’re on the fence, you should definitely consider going (if they still have room). Very inspirational, yet very hands on and nuts-and-bolts.  If you’re new to GTD, attending the Roadmap will get your GTD efforts jump-started; if you’ve been doing it a while, it will help you understand the nuance and subtlety of the system.

Duff Actions

I discovered a great term, coined by Terry Madeley in describing parts of his GTD system. A “duff action” is a Next Action in the GTD system that really isn’t actionable. Terry uses this example:

I’ve got into the habit of going out for a coffee, and sitting at one of the tables there scriblng all over my notes with any new actions I can think of, re-wording duff actions (“Investigate such-and-such”? — how exactly? what’s the next physical thing to do?) […]

I like this term a lot, combining the feel of the words “lazy” and “daffy”. Nice job Terry! I’m going to steal this one.

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Getting (the right) Stuff Done

An excellent post from Steve Borsch about how to contemplate the correct action before jumping ahead (or worse, jumping sideways or backwards with no plan at all). As he puts it:

What I try hard to do with this blog — and life in general — is to ferret out the meaning behind a person’s incentives, company/product direction or strategic announcement before going off half-cocked to write about it and/or get involved in conversations. Connecting the dots, if you will.

Read the post, but in summary: (1) Meditate. (2) Shut off interruptions. (3) Don’t overextend your attention.

Read it all here.

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