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Google’s ExtInfoWindow: Very Cool

We’ve been doing some demo work for a client and needed to “jazz up” the staid look of the normal GInfoWindow display for our mapping implementation. Luckly, Google has made available a GInfoWindow replacement called ExtInfoWindow that allows AJAX extensions and CSS styling of your new windows.

This extension is part of the Google Open Source Utility Library, started back in March 2007 by the Maps API team. So it’s not an official part of the GMaps API, but I had no problem integrating it into my apps.

Here’s a code snippet to show how easy it is:

GEvent.addListener(marker, 'click', function(){
marker.openExtInfoWindow( map,
"I'm some HTML content that will go in the initial example's ExtInfoWindow.",
{beakOffset: 3}
); });

And here’s a screenshot showing a quick example of the type of graphical control you have:


We’ll be making use of this a lot. Particularly valuable is the AJAX functionality which allows you to defer the loading of the window and thus save some time up front.  This load-time penalty has always been Google Maps’ biggest problem for production use.


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