Political Junkie Fix

30 days to go until the election, and if you’re anything like me, you won’t let a day go by without getting your fix of the latest political news, pollling data, and rumors from the internet. Here’s a list of sites that I won’t go without in the next month.

Five Thirty Eight
Newcomer Nate Silver has put together an election site specifically targeted at quants like me. Delicious.

In the last 15 years, nothing has made me laugh harder than (a) watching certain Simpsons episodes and (b) reading the Wonkette comment sections. Leans so far left that they can reach out and touch the ground. WALNUTS!

This was my former #1 polling flame, until supplanted this cycle by Five Thirty Eight. Pollster.com is the outgrowth of mysterypollster.com, which started a couple months before the 2004 election and kept me glued to the monitor during the runup to that election.

A right-tilting collection of heavyweights in political journalism, this site prints the latest news and gossip.

Daily Kos
The mothership of left-leaning political websites, you can’t miss the daily Abbreviated Pundit Round-up.

Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire
Good daily summary and link farm to the latest news.

Others you might enjoy: Marc Ambinder, Andrew Sullivan, National Review Online’s The Corner, ABC’s The Note, TIME Magazine’s Swampland.

Have fun and GO OBAMA!


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