Apple To World: “We’re Dunces!”

Browsing around while working this morning, I was stoked to find a album of tracks featuring Luciana (who I love) – along with a link to buy directly from iTunes.  “Yow!” says I, “I’ll buy this album right away!”

But I can’t.

The album is only available on the UK version of iTunes, and my account isn’t authorized to buy music from that store.  And there’s no (apparent) way to authorize my account for the UK.

We’re in a global economy now, stupids!  Bits have no borders.  EPIC FAIL.  Now I’m just waiting for my iTunes 8 download to complete so I can top off my frustration level with a Blue Screen of Death.


1 Response to “Apple To World: “We’re Dunces!””

  1. 1 Craig Huizenga September 14, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    Don’t blame Apple, it’s the wonderful record labels and licensing organizations that muck this stuff up, Apple is just playing by the rules (egads, I’m defending Apple, next I’ll be defending Microsoft, what is the world coming to…)

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