Whrrl is Whonderrful

UPDATE: As she promised, Danielle Morrill from Whrrl has posted a blog entry outlining the release of their fix for the problem I had mentioned. I tested “Portage Bay Cafe” on my iPhone, and, well, it just works!

Good job to everyone on the Whrrl team!

This is the way that community management should work!

About 8:30 AM this morning I tweet that I can’t find the Portage Bay Cafe on Whrrl, which is a new location-based social networking service run by Pelago here in Seattle.  I was meeting a friend for breakfast and wanted to post my location in preparation for an eventual review of the restaurant.  I figured it was something to do with the version of Whrrl I was using (the iPhone app).

Around lunchtime I exchange a couple tweets with one of the Whrrl team members, who (rapidly) comes to the conclusion that it’s a bug on their end:

yeah, I think that’s a bug, sorry.  we’re working on it.

Then, about 7 PM tonight, I am contacted by a second person at Whrrl, who tweets me that

there is a fix going out in the new few days to address the issue, and I will be blogging about it at http://www.pelago.com soon

So – they hear the (mild) complaint, they contact me the same day, acknowledge the issue, and then follow up and let me know what they’re doing to address it, and when it will be fixed. I am on the consumer equivalent of Cloud Nine.

Regular readers may remember a much different experience I recently had with AdUUp wherein the CEO avoided responsibility, argued, spammed me with anonymous childish name-calling, and then (as far as I know) proceeded to ignore the original complaint. That’s an example of what NOT to do.

Entrepreneurs: try your best to emulate Pelago and the Whrrl team!


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