TweetDeck Beta: Tons of Potential

I just downloaded and installed TweetDeck 0.15 beta. After playing around for a bit, I can tell you that this app has tons of potential, but that it is still not ready to be a full-time Twitter client.

First, the interface is very pleasant and uncluttered. It’s an Adobe AIR application, and has some superficial similarity to Twhirl in that dark-and-sexy way.

Second, the multicolumn support is very snazzy. I’m not sure why no one thought of it before. This could be a very nice way to view your Twitterspace.

Third, the “group” option *might* be interesting. I’m ambivalent about this for the moment, because part of what I like about Twitter is the unmanaged lifestreaming aspect to it. Over-organizing your tweets would tend to make Twitter into something it’s not – a messaging system.

What’s missing? Well, I can’t find a way to get Directs, and I also can’t find a way to force a refresh. Sending tweets is also limited – no TinyUrl-type support for hyperlinks, no image-posting integration (like Twhirl has with TwitPic), etc. etc.

Very nice start. Let’s hope that Iain can continue the momentum and get a full 1.0 release out, because I’m sure he’ll get some traction.


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