Bitmasking Solution For Thorny SQL Set Operation

My previous post outlined a tricky little SQL query problem dealing with set intersection. In addition to the solution found by Hans, I thought for completeness I would post a little scalar function that does a bitmask comparison to achieve the same result – with the notable, and possibly untenable solution that it limits the number of categories in your database to 64 (the number of bits in a BIGINT).

create function IsMember
@personid int,
@groupid int
returns int
declare @ret bigint
declare @personsum bigint
select @personsum = (select sum(power(2, pc.categoryid - 1))
from personcategory pc
where pc.personid = @personid)
declare @groupsum bigint
select @groupsum = (select sum(power(2, gc.categoryid - 1))
from groupcategory gc
where gc.groupid = @groupid)
if ((@personsum & @groupsum) = @personsum)
select @ret = 1
select @ret = 0
return @ret


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