Programmers: Go Read Proper Fixation

If you’re any sort of a propeller-head, you owe yourself a visit to Proper Fixation, by Yossi Kreinin. I have found a programmer blog with this caliber of writing (and humor, and common sense) in a while.

Excerpt: here’s Yossi, writing about dependencies and redundancy:

But you already got it – I don’t want your code, because I’m an antisocial asshole that has no team spirit whatsoever. I’m going to parse arguments using 5 lines of C code. Worse, I’ll make a function out of those five lines, prefix its name with the module name, and replicate it in all my modules. Yep, I’m the copy-paste programmer and you’re the enlightened developer of the next generation command line parsing platform. Have it your way, and I’ll have it my way.

Good stuff. Take a gander.


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