Building Web Software: Are You Using Cheap Rivets?

Thought-provoking post from GrokDotCom this morning on the relationship between using cheap rivets on the Titanic and an EPIC FAIL when you launch your web software product.

Each day, CMO’s and small business owners are forced to make decisions that cause dangerous leaks in the websites they manage. Maybe they didn’t have enough time or budget to make sure it was built right. Maybe they compromised. Maybe they decided not to hire a good copywriter. Maybe they paid an agency to plan, build and write the entire website for them, just because a one-stop-shop scenario seemed easier to explain to the board.

If your web strategy is more focused on bells and whistles than nuts and bolts (or rivets), maybe it’s time to stop shuffling the deck chairs.

This post is targeted toward marketing professionals, but the same concepts apply to the developer and implementation crowd as well.   How many times have you heard that unit tests are “too time consuming” or that “we can’t afford to spend much time on build processes”?  Lots.

If When your ship hits the iceberg, is your work done below the waterline going to hold up?

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