Python = Great Programming Language?

If Python is such a wonderful programming language, why do we need version 3.0 “fixes” – which, by the way, will cause a majority of current Python code to break?

[..] version 3.0, which breaks backwards compatibility to the extent that even that simplest of programs, the classic ‘Hello, World’, will no longer work in its current form.

The changes being made in Python 3.0 are drastic and may cause pain for some, but they will improve the language significantly as a vehicle for the teaching of programming in schools and universities. This paper explains why this is so and discusses some of the obstacles that educators might face in making an early move to version 3.0 from earlier versions.

My goal here is not to bash Python, but to try to point out that the reflexive ABM (Anybody But Microsoft) mentality causes adherents to irrationally assume that anything NOT developed by Microsoft is automatically golden.

Based on what I’m seeing, give me Anders Hejlsberg and C# any day.


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