Google Releases BigTable, GFS Support – For Python

See the TechCrunch post here. Essentially this is a little bit of a letdown after the big (unsubstantiated) lead-up over the weekend, due to the Python-only support. Yes, it’s just the first of what may be many languages, but I suppose they could have foreseen the reaction from the Ruby, PHP, or other (C# *cough*) crowds that might be very interested in building out apps within Google’s cloud.

So, if you’re Djangoing, you’re probably dancing…otherwise, hurry up and wait, unless you have the free time to learn a new platform.

We could have used this at Seattle Startup Weekend, where we developed Skillbit (RIP). That was a Django app. For me? If I have to do any heavy lifting using methods out of Programming Collective Intelligence, I may give this a go. Later.

UPDATE: Here’s an excellent write-up of the Google Apps Engine from Brady Forrest.


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