XSLT Parameters: Watch Your Namespaces!

I found out the hard way that when you specify a namespace to go along with an XSLT parameter, that it had better match the namespace your transform uses, or else it will be invisible to you. Of course it fails silently.

Check out this code:

string xslpath = Server.MapPath("/vroot/xsl/my.xslt");
XPathDocument xml = new XPathDocument(response.GetResponseStream());

XslCompiledTransform trans = new XslCompiledTransform(true);
XsltArgumentList args = new XsltArgumentList();
args.AddParam("foo", "http://foo.com", "Some Value");

In that second-to-last line, if your transform is not using (or expecting?) the “http://foo.com” namespace, the input parameter will be essentially invisible.

It would be tres chic if you could specify a debug parameter that essentially says “throw a huge nasty error if you get parameters that you aren’t expecting to handle.”


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