Scoble Puts the Irony Hex on Jeff Barr

@Scobleizer on Twitter last night:

Can anyone stop Amazon’s Jeff Barr?

Clicking through to, we read:

But it don’t matter anyway. It’s almost too late for the others to get into the game. It’s amazing (or maybe it should be “amazoning”) to me that Ray Ozzie over at Microsoft has let Amazon have so much runway.

So, I ask you, can anyone stop Jeff Barr and Amazon from totally taking over the corporate data infrastructure market?

This morning all of Amazon’s Web Services went down:

Friday morning (February 15, 2008) Amazon Web Services experienced a system-wide outage of their Simple Storage Service (S3). This outage has affected thousands of websites and Web applications, including Twitter and Raven SEO Tools.


One thing about Scoble: he’s smart, but sometimes he lacks perspective. S3 and cloud computing in general are a great idea, but it’s still a bunch of geeks walking in the garden and looking at the first dew on the rose.


1 Response to “Scoble Puts the Irony Hex on Jeff Barr”

  1. 1 Damon February 15, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Ahhhh, but by being the first to fail, they get to be the first to learn. They just twisted their ankle stepping in a gopher hole. By the time they figure out how to “manage” the gophers (ethically of course), the garden will be too expensive to buy.

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