Why is Charles Gibson Playing to the Fearmongers?

In tonight’s ABC/Facebook Democratic debate from Manchester, NH, one of Charlie Gibson’s first lines of questions signaled very clearly that he is bought in hook, line and sinker to the boogey-man fearmongering of the neoconservative right. His question in the first 15-minute segment was:

What will you do the day after the United States is attacked with a nuclear weapon?

COME ON! Apparently some people are not happy unless there is a Permanent Enemy — with the enemy’s identity shifting as circumstances change (Soviet Union, Red China, Iran, Iraq, Al-Qaeda, Iran again, little elves with nuclear weapons in their hats, blah blah blah).

As I finish this post he has a question about Social Security in which he used the rightist flag word “entitlements”. What a suck-ass.


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