Zed Shaw Nukes Ruby on Rails Community

I can’t speak to the technical details of Ruby on Rails, never having used it before, but this rant from Zed Shaw is a must-read for its little dev-world anecdotes alone, for example:

That’s right, this moronic idiot basically told (or just threatened to tell) everybody I was a shitty coder, refused to hire me, threatened me with slander, and tried to destroy me because he confused me with a “Shai” or a “Shain” in his blacklist. He even later tried to tell me that there wasn’t a blacklist.

We’ve all known that guy — the little pompous Napoleon. At least he apologized!

Zed’s taking a lot of heat for opening the kimono — it’s a curious psychological phenomenon (or is pernicious meta thinking?) wherein people obsess about the messenger and not the message. You see it all the time in politics where the pundits analyze the “game” but could care less about the substantive positions. For my part, good for Zed for letting it go with both barrels. If he takes heat for it, he knows he made his bed — but I suspect that this is a big enough world that a stellar technical mind can get by just fine even with various forms of Tourette’s Syndrome and megalomania eating him up and burning his bridges.

(h/t TechCrunch)


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