Fear of the Reticular Filter

This post from Michael Dolan over at the GTD blog is a good glimpse about something that has been at the periphery of my, well, recticular filter, for some time now. Some people call it visualization. I haven’t read that mega-super-Oprah bestseller called “The Secret” but I’m pretty sure the reticular filter is at the heart of whatever works in that program.

Here’s Dolan describing the reticular filter:

The reticular activating system is essentially your unconscious auto-pilot filter that constantly judges what’s important and what’s not about each and every bit of stimulus occurring physically around you and mentally inside of you.

I think it was Napoleon Hill who suggested you write down all the good things you want (like a million dollars!) and you will be more likely to acheive the result.

So why don’t more people, like me, make use of this fabulous system? You can think of the two reasons:

  1. Fear that it’s a bunch of hokum
  2. Fear that you’ll now be accountable for doing something

I think you’ll agree that you’ll find out within a short while if this stuff is all hokum, but it may take you a long, long time to get past #2.


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