Arrington Invents This Thing Called "Snark", (Almost) Bans Clueless Commentariat

From this post at TC about Pointui, Michael Arrington writes:

Why in the world all you people on Windows devices don’t just go out and buy an iPhone is a mystery to me. Yeah, Exchange Server and all that, I know. Anyway, perhaps now with Pointui you can be a little bit more like the cool kids and still sync with Outlook from the office.

*sound of Arrington haters’ heads popping like New Year’s champagne corks*

Typical response from commenter Elder, who has missed the cluetrain every year since 2000:

Not much of display of imagination or understanding of how people actually live their lives there, fella– for example, one reason not to run out and get an i-Phone could have something to do with the service plans someone is already committed to, or the fact that the service plans ATT offers are not exactly perfect for everyone, or every family. It ain’t just the device, stupid, might be a less polite way of phrasing it…

Arrington (fella!) playfully hints at whipping out the banhammer, but we know it won’t happen.  I think.  This group could go find another forum to argue about why they really, REALLY don’t need an ASIMO robot, Roomba, or Wii.


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