Annoyances: Letter-Case-Changing Software

I just confirmed something about the blog edit tools that I’ve had a hunch about for some time. When you enter tags, sometimes the letter-case of the tag changes, with no discernible reason. For example, I just did a post with the tag “Dell”, but the WP software changed the tag to “dell” (lowercase “d”). Re-editing didn’t help. Strangely enough, the same post had the tag “Apple” which was not dropped to lowercase.

For what possible reason would the WP developers decide to put in this kind of code?

I can think of a couple scenarios that have to do with what you might call “prior art” — if I had put in previous posts with the tag “dell” (lowercase), then the software might assume on my behalf that I wanted to coordinate today’s post with prior posts. Extending the idea, WP might poll its entire database for the most common letter-case of the tag “dell” and apply the result to my post.

But why? My blog is mine, I might want to spell it DELL or dELL or dEll or something equally 733t for display purposes.

And as far as search goes, if the WP guys aren’t doing case-insensitive tag search, or canonicalizing everything into some known letter-case (example: all lowercase) before searching, then that is just a stumper. I’m no internationalization expert, and can’t speak to letter-case issues with other languages, but semantically, there is no difference between DELL and dell when I’m searching for English-language results. So why not keep the display the way I want?


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