Seattle Startup Weekend

Thanks to a post by Brier Dudley, I was introduced to Startup Weekend, an outfit that stages intense weekends in various cities wherein participants all collaborate to come up with, and begin to implement, a startup idea. Equity in the new company is split between the organizers and participants, but I’m pretty sure the draw is not the equity, but the chance to interact with a group of 50 or 60 like-minded entrepreneurial techies from a variety of backgrounds.

The event is coming to Seattle next month, and I signed myself up.

Normally I would go five miles out of my way to avoid something like this, but I’m really starting to find inspiration in weird places, outside of my normal comfort zones. I’m super excited and think that this will be a great way to spend 20 or 30 hours. Plus, I actually think I can contribute to the startup idea (Here’s hoping it’s not another Twitter clone – ed).

I wonder going in what percentage of the crowd will be:

  • hard geeks (software developers, programmers)
  • soft geeks (pm, html, dba, tech support)
  • suits (execs, finance, or legal)
  • artsy (creative, graphics, design)
  • marketing (including bizdev and sales)

If I had to guess, I would say the breakout would be something like 10/20/10/10/50, but I really have no idea. I guess I’ll find out!

To join me (as if!), visit Cost is $20 – a pittance — and the event runs from Friday, January 25th, through Sunday, January 27th.

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