Sometimes Googling Yourself Is Difficult to Accept

Coming off the recent Pew report that claimed that around half of all tubesters Google themselves, I have a shameful secret to acknowledge: I Google myself from time to time, and the results aren’t pretty. In the universe that is Anthony Stevens, there’s a Jungian psychologist (respectable), an AFL player (respectable), and then a guy who goes by “Master Anthony Stevens” and has apparently spent his adulthood keeping one step ahead of the law in six states and Mexico for various morals charges. OK, I joke about that last one, but get this:

The cover photo on his latest e-book, “Time for Clocks and Demons”, allows you a glimpse up a handcuffed woman’s anus, with the author’s name splashed across her buttocks. [No, I will not link to it.  Just Google the name of the book. – ed.] Just in case you miss the allusion, or are drunk or otherwise anesthetized, the publisher’s website contains this, hm, very special warning:

WARNING: This title contains mind-control, erotic hypnosis, bondage, pony play, lesbianism, public humiliation, forced display and oral and anal sex.

Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. Pony play? I don’t know either, so don’t ask me.

Here’s the summary of the contents of this front-runner for the Hugo Award:

“Time for Clocks and Demons” is an exciting new trilogy of tales; due out in December.

In this trilogy, you will see what happens as we share a tale called “Clockmaker”, where a spoiled little rich girl is hypnotized and taught a lesson in craftsmanship, erotic humility and her own submissive side.

In “The Weekend”, a husband makes his wife a slave for a short vacation involving stringent bondage, display and forced orgasms.

And finally, in “Three Demon Night” you will see newlyweds on a Caribbean honeymoon who are surprised with a wedding present that includes a dimensional traveler, some really sexy succubi and incubi and more raw sex than they had imagined possible.

No, this is not linkbait. This is REAL.


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