Silverlight Script Web Project in VS 2008

While trying to see if there was an easier way to run Silverlight pages via localhost instead of via the filesystem, I poked around with the new Silverlight Script Web project type in VS 2008. This allows me to run pages using localhost, but it’s a little weird: the attached “script” file is a .js file, not a .cs code-behind file as with the Silverlight Project template.

Check out the two different context menus for the XAML files in each project. Here’s the one in the Silverlight Project project:

Silverlight XAML context menu

And here’s the one in the Silverlight Script Web project:

Silverlight XAML context menu

When I try to manually copy over my XAML and HTML pages from the Silverlight Project to the Silverlight Script Web project, I get the following nasty error:


Which is probably fixable with some judicious configuration h4x but not at my current level of Silverlight knowledge.


2 Responses to “Silverlight Script Web Project in VS 2008”

  1. 1 Lead Magnet January 13, 2008 at 4:52 am

    Well your further along than I am!

    A week after getting VS2008, I still can not figure out how to install the VB and C# Silverlight Project Types!!

    Additionally, in Exp Blend, the “web” project types are not there!

    I’ve been watching all these cool webcasts with MS dudes using these project types (you can see them when they “create new” from either IDE) but can’t “follow along”.

    Are these a seperate download?

    Are they not available in VS2008 Pro? Blend 1.0?


  2. 2 Lead Magnet January 13, 2008 at 4:58 am

    Well….your further along then I am.

    A week after getting VS2008 Pro, I’m no closer to figuing out how to get the Silverlight Project Types to display!

    I’ve installed the Silverlight 1.0 SDK, no luck.

    Also, Blend 1.0 does’t have the “web” project types I keep seeing in all these nifty webcasts from MS and others I keep watching!!

    MS just can’t keep things easy, can they!!

    I just might dump VS2008 and re-install 2005. At least I have the Silverlight addin for that IDE!!

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