Exploring the Silverlight 1.1 SDK Alpha September Refresh

I downloaded the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 SDK Alpha September Refresh. Boy that’s a mouthful. I thought I would walk through it and document my experience to help me get a handle on what’s included.

First of all, there’s no .MSI — this is all just vanilla download.   This differs from the Silverlight 1.0 SDK, which comes as an .MSI package.  Not knowing whether or not there’s a recommended download location for the 1.1 SDK, I put it in a new folder at:

c:\program files\microsoft silverlight 1.1 sdk alpha sept 2007\

In the top-level folder are two sub-folders and three files:

Changes from May 2007 Alpha.docx

The \documentation\ folder contains two .chm help files: one file about 1.0 development with Javascript, and one file about 1.1 development with .NET.

The \tools\ folder contains a couple .js files, an .xsd file, and a sub-folder called SilverlightControlsStarterKit which contains a sample VS 2008 solution with a Silverlight 1.1 app. This “TestApp” project looks fairly anemic at first glance.


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