Sam Sethi, Thwarted Murderer?

Ooh, yummers. The tragicomedy/blogonovela™ that is Oliver Starr’s open letter to Blognation founder Sam Sethi is the talk of Bloggerville right now. The juiciest part came from a leaked Sethi e-mail to spurned lover business partner Lee Wilkins:

Will you fucking leave Danny and Saul out of this what have they got to do with this or I will come on the next flight and fucking rip your head off. If you have a grief it is with me and tristan. They are very busy people you idiot. Add that to your lawyers list and send over the docs asap pls.

Thanks in advance

I love that “Thanks in advance” part at the end. It sort of tidies everything up.

A few wonderful things about this story:

  1. The sheer braggadocio of Mr. Sethi. He’s no meek geek! Reading the Arrington e-mail with a Schwarzenegger accent helps put some extra zip into the story.
  2. So many commenters get their panties in a knot over the sheer sordidness of it all. Comparisons to Valleywag are thrown around like confetti at a wedding. Mike Arrington and Mr. Starr are told to shut the fuck up and get back in the (metaphorical) closet. I suppose they’d rather continue to hear about Web 2.0 deadpools. Come on, people! Even the Wall Street Journal would run something like this. I’d rather read about this stuff than Britney Spears driving around without a seatbelt.
  3. What exactly is unethical about the disclosure of a private e-mail by Mike Arrington? If you send an e-mail, you should have zero zip nada zilch no expectation of privacy. What did Robert Blake tell you? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! Arrington is a journalist (well, sort of) and Sethi’s freakout, my-penis-is-bigger-than-your-penis rant is definitely newsworthy.

Linkies: Dan York, Adam Tinworth, Debi Jones, teh Scoble, Mathew Ingram, and, in a sad story, a crazy man who may or not have been Sam Sethi in disguise rips a duck’s head off in a hotel lobby. Donate to PETA after your read that last one.

P.S. This somehow all blew up after Marc Orchant, a Blognation writer and apparently all-around good guy, suffered a serious heart attack, and some posts about his conditions were dropped inexplicably. Spend a moment wishing the best for Marc and his family after you’re done donating to PETA.


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