Embedding Video in WordPress

I just found out, after a month or so of blogging (maybe two months? guess so) that WordPress doesn’t allow you to <embed> any old content into your blog posts.  The War on Terror requires these extra security measures.

They have special BBCode-type tags: and that allow you to do the embedding.  Not quite as flexible, but easier for most people, and probably suitable for 99% of the blog-embedding requirements out there.

My one beef is that for several precious minutes tonight, as I was trying to embed Google Video content, the WordPress HTML editor kept stripping out my <embed> code with no warning, no error message, no helpful “Are you trying to embed content from Google Video? Click here!” message.  Nothing.  Very amateurish in my opinion.

I’m reminded of a tip I heard more than once from my writing teacher: “Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”   In writing, the theory goes, you don’t want to introduce a question in the reader’s mind that you don’t eventually answer.  In WordPress, you don’t want to allow HTML via the Code Editor, and then just strip out content that you don’t like with no error message.  Very bad form.


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