Big Ideas Start Small

UPDATE: Boy am I ignorant. Dave Shields got back to me and noted that in my haste to applaud his idea I had actually misread his post. He’s actually started several projects concerning the use, development, and promotion of the OLPC XO-1 (aka xo-laptop), which (as I have just found out), is the laptop promoted by the One Laptop Per Child organization. This thing actually exists: See here, here, and here. I also found out that you have until November 26th to participate in the “Get One Give One” promotion, wherein you buy one XO-1, and one gets donated to a child in a developing nation. You get a $200 charitable write off, a neat holiday gift for someone in your family, and a year of free T-Mobile HotSpot access thrown in for good measure.

Thanks Dave!

xo-laptop: Announcing Three New XO Laptop Projects « The Wayward Word Press

This is why I love blogging. This guy is starting a project that will promote design a laptop that is:

# Designed to be cheap;
# Designed to be useable anywhere in the world with a minimal use of electricity, and in underdeveloped countries;
# Designed to use ONLY free and open-source software for the core platform and applications;
# Designed to NOT be PC-compatible. The XO Laptop is not a stripped-down white-box Wintel machine;
# Designed without the requirement that it must be able to run Windows. As a result, the current XO Laptop has no moving parts, only 256MB memory and 1GB flash drive.
# Designed with Python as the primary application development language


Though I am currently the only active member of these projects, I consider myself but the first of what I hope will be many co-founders.

You go, Dave Shields! Everywhere on there on the tubes you see people who are attempting to realize their grand dreams. Tom Peters (among others) would be proud.


1 Response to “Big Ideas Start Small”

  1. 1 daveshields November 19, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    I was writing about the XO Laptop, a device that already exists, not one that I plan to create. My new project is intended to promote the wider adoption of th XO and the creation of additionalsoftware to run on it.


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