Agreeing with Joel

I don’t disagree with all of Joel Spolsky’s writings. In fact, I probably wouldn’t read his articles and comment so much if he wasn’t 95% accurate and insightful, not to mention a fun read. I was browsing Joel on Software this AM while I waited for Vista’s interminable Windows Update process to complete, and three sections in row hit me right on the Agree Bone:

Paper Prototypes = good

Architecture Astronauts = bad

Child threads = (generally) complex = bad

Anybody who comes in to interview for a programming job and says the word “messaging” is instantly suspect, and I wonder if they aren’t a big-A Architect, too busy to code. I’ve really bought in to the Extreme Programming thesis that progress is made by evaluating working production software, not by any amount of papers, design, prototypes, architectures, etc. And don’t get me started on threading. I’ve been a working programmer for almost 15 years, on business-class software and web applications, and I can count on one hand the times when I’ve had to use any sort of custom thread management code.


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