Spire Viro Courier Bag

I’ve had this bag for about a week now:

Spire Viro Bag Green

This is the Viro (pronounced VIE-roe, not VEER-o) from Spire, based out of the People’s Republic of Boulder. It’s a small courier bag, and fits my XPS M1330 just fine. It may even be an inch or so larger than I need, but it’s a nice compact bag.


  • Light
  • Un-fussy
  • Looks great


  • The padding is a little thin compared to the beast of a Brenthaven I had before for my Inspiron 9300.
  • The shoulder strap doesn’t rotate/swivel, so I’m constantly flipping it back on itself to make it straight
  • The main flap buckle slips, loosening the tightness of the bag
  • It would be cool if the external water bottle pocket were a bit deeper, or had a flap to cover it — I use it for my AC adapter.

Overall? I’m very satisfied. It’s a nice-looking, lightweight bag for my nice-looking, lightweight laptop.

UPDATE November 8, 2007: After another week, I can say a few more things:

  • As far as size goes, I want to rephrase my remark earlier about how “it may even be an inch or so larger than I need.”  The reality is: it could be an inch shorter in width, but not in height.  The XPS M1330 is a bit deeper, but narrower, than the reference MacBook, for which this bag was probably designed.
  • My wife thinks it looks like a “dog’s backpack.”  That’s because it’s so small and trim.  Or something.

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